Fourteen Years Ghost Hunter (Fourteen Years Trick Hunter)

And I invited Xiaojuan to go with me on June 5. She hesitated for a moment, thinking that there were still some psychological barriers. After all, she was a girl. But she finally promised me. So in the middle of nearly a week's time, I have done some side investigations, and also studied some official and unofficial histories about the Second World War, and at the same time, I have been doing work for Xiaojuan. I don't want her to become a person who makes a living with ghosts one day, just like me, so I asked her to help me this time. It is also in order to handle things properly at the first time, after all, there is only one day in a year, June 5. On June 5, I made an appointment with Xiaojuan to come to Jiefangbei early in the afternoon, so I ate chicken soup bedding noodles near Luohan Temple, and I was moved by the bowl of noodles. Then we chatted and polished the time. Soon it was 9 o'clock in the evening, and the night show began. Xiaojuan and I stood at the gate of the light rail station where I first observed passers-by, and asked her to start observing some people who looked very different. When it was nearly 11 o'clock, Xiaojuan suddenly became excited and approached me with a slight fear. She whispered to me that there seemed to be a man standing behind the newsstand opposite. I can't see it, so please ask Xiaojuan to tell me what that person looks like. She said that she looked like a beggar, her clothes were black and ragged,face recognition identification kiosk, she had no shoes, and she was a woman. Speaking of beggars, I can only think of a man with unkempt hair, squatting on the ground, saying to the child in front of him that you are surprised, and then holding a copy of the Tathagata Palm in his hand. And this person I can hardly imagine him as a woman, I know Xiaojuan saw is a ghost, because I did not see. When I was about to cross the road,digital whiteboard price, I drew a rope according to the position Xiaojuan said and grabbed it. Xiaojuan stopped me and told me not to worry. She was now following a couple of men and women. When I asked which couple it was, she pointed to me and said that she saw the ghost put her head on the back of the man's head and smoked out. Bad, this ghost eats Yang Qi. I quickly pulled Xiaojuan across the road and walked towards the man and woman. Suddenly, Xiaojuan pulled me hard and said to me that the ghost seemed to notice that we were going to it and ran away. Xiaojuan also described the way the ghost ran to me. I don't know if I understood it wrong. It sounded to me that the ghost moved very fast and had a sense of dragging when it moved. Thinking of this, I was angry and amused. The duck I got flew away and was surprised. I'm afraid it's difficult to catch it again. However, it suddenly occurred to me that I could find some of the ghost's remaining spirit body, and then summon it out. So I caught up with the man and woman, slowly and quietly followed the man who had been sucked by the female ghost, and then reached out and pulled out a few hairs on the back of his head. The man was obviously very angry at my rude behavior. I quickly apologized with a smile, saying that I had mistaken him for someone else. I was sorry. So the man saw that I also apologized, turned his head and walked away swearing in a low voice. I don't want to know what he was scolding me for. I pulled some of his hair in my hand. That's enough. Although it was late at night, there were still a lot of people nearby. In order not to attract other people's attention, Xiaojuan and I walked down the proud underground garage. He found a secluded corner, surrounded the spirit rope, face detection android ,face recognition identification, scattered rice in the center of the circle, scattered some sulfur powder around it, and then chanted the soul. Because I didn't know what the ghost's name was, I could only find the soul in a roundabout way according to Xiaojuan's description, and it took me a long time to succeed. I asked Xiaojuan to ask questions instead of me, so from what I asked, we learned the origin and life experience of this female ghost. As I guessed, she was really the ghost who died in the air-raid shelter during the bombing. But from her words, I got a completely different version of the explanation. When the Japanese air raid came suddenly, the Jiefangbei area has been the busiest area in Chongqing since ancient times, with a large flow of people and a lot of people. As soon as they heard the air raid siren, they began to rush to the nearest air-raid shelter. As a result, the air-raid shelter at the entrance of the field, which could only accommodate up to 5,000 people, was abruptly filled with more than 10,000 people. As a result of too many people crowded, the first people to enter the air-raid shelter should have become the most unfortunate people, in the crowded way, many people have been trampled to death. The most hateful thing was that the police were afraid that the people in the air-raid shelter would flee into the street, so they locked the iron door of the air-raid shelter. Shortly after closing the gate, the Japanese army stopped dropping bombs and began to drop incendiary bombs. Anyone who has seen the movie knows the power of the incendiary bomb, the endless gasoline, burning up endlessly. Smoke filled the air raid shelter and soon poured into it, which made the people in the air raid shelter dyspnea more suffocated, and in the process, many people were choked to death. The female ghost in front of her was a civilian who had taken refuge in the cave like others, and she was still holding her child, who was several years old. She was small, holding the child curled up on the edge of the cave wall, escaped heavy trampling, but never escaped the attack of smoke, so she suffocated and fell into a coma. But she didn't die, at least this woman didn't. However, the most hateful thing was that after repeated air raids, the people at that time began to send out rescues. Seeing so many people dead in the cave, they were all pulled to Chaotianmen as dead people and burned. The woman was only unconscious, but she was burned alive as a dead person. This is called a violent death. According to Buddhism, this kind of death cannot transcend life, so she did not have to be like the ghosts of other dead people. Go to the world you should go to, but go back to the events of that year, appear at this time of the year, but only to find their lost children. Because she was mistaken for a corpse because of suffocation before she died, she urgently needed that breath, and because she needed that breath,facial recognition thermometer, she appeared at this time of the year, picking up a passing stranger and inhaling their Yang Qi, without thinking that it would bring harm to a living person.