Mi Xian Lu

After freezing for a moment, the bronze armor puppet stretched out one of its giant claws, which suddenly extended several times to a few feet beside the jade. The tip of the claw of the bronze armor puppet was covered with a yellow light, which wrapped the white jade round and round, and then sent it into the mouth of the bronze armor puppet. After swallowing this piece of jade, the bronze armor puppet no longer paid attention to this huge pit, took eight giant legs, shot out eight eyes, and continued to search in the rubble. The rest of the bronze armor puppets in the distance have been searching silently without any pause. Everything was back to normal, and the dull sounds that happened from time to time set off a dead atmosphere here. In this piece of rocky beach thousands of Zhangs high in the air, but suspended a momentum extraordinary fairy mountain, is not too big, about tens of miles wide. On the top of the fairy mountain, there is a rather dilapidated palace, on which there are even moss tendrils and rattan leaves, showing a bit of antiquity. A girl in yellow was floating beside the palace, quietly watching every move of the bronze armor puppets under her body, showing a satisfied look. Seen from a distance, the girl is also graceful, slender and graceful, but in the near view, the woman's skin,White Marble Slabs, but like copper cast iron pouring, suffused with the unique light of metal, obviously with the general body, far from. And this woman's eyes, through the eyes, is also quite stiff, very strange, obviously not ordinary human monks. From time to time,Carrara Marble Slab, the girl looked up at the huge dark red moon in the sky, showing some impatience. Looking from here, in addition to the stars all over the sky, there are bright moons of different colors, some dark red, some light gold, some blue as the sea, and some green to drop. The stars in the sky are all Asgard in the distance, and the bright moon is some of the palaces near the abandoned Asgard. And the dark red moon that the girl in yellow is most concerned about is the palace where the Yin and Yang clan is located. Not long after, suddenly a white light fell from the red moon, and in the blink of an eye, it fell in front of the girl in yellow. As soon as the white light converged, it revealed the figure of a one-eyed giant old man, but he seemed to be sealed with magic power, and his limbs were bound by extremely thick vines, unable to move. Ha ha, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, I can't imagine that this live sacrifice of blood food is your own! The girl in yellow was slightly stupefied and said with a laugh. Her voice is as harsh and noisy as metal cutting, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. Alas, the king was betrayed by his subordinates and was unexpectedly restrained. Unexpectedly, the king has commanded the Yin and Yang Clan for more than twenty thousand years, and now he has come to such an end! The giant old man sighed and said leisurely, and his words were full of sorrow. Hum, every man for himself, the devil take the hindmost! Your people, your men, are not fools. After your body is refined, the transformation of your body will surely go to another level within a thousand years. Your people, on the other hand, can enjoy at least a hundred years of peace. The girl in yellow was in a good mood and said excitedly. However, you monks are very cunning and crafty. Let me take a closer look at whether there is any trap hidden in your living sacrificial blood food! The girl said in a harsh voice, and suddenly two slender yellow lights came out of her eyes and set on the giant old man. The giant old man's magic power was sealed, without the slightest resistance, allowing the other side's eyes to sweep back and forth on his body. The girl in yellow carefully searched every part of the giant old man's body. After going back and forth three times, she nodded with satisfaction and said, "Very good. There is no danger. It is indeed a good blood food." "I can't wait!" The girl in yellow said, and suddenly her figure changed into a huge tawny spider with tens of feet. The abdomen of the spider, showing the face of a girl, she is showing a greedy look, and the spider's mouth has been opened, a pair of front paws suddenly waved to the giant old man. Bang! The old man was immediately hit by the spider's front paws and fainted to death. The spider grabbed his paws and was about to put the old man into his mouth. At that moment, the spider's side, suddenly a flash of golden light, a golden lightning stab, with a thunderous momentum to the spider's huge body, unstoppable. "Boom!" The spider's extremely hard body was pierced by a hole the size of Zhang Xu in an instant, and a figure rushed out from the other side of the spider, holding a golden gun in his hand. This man is Zhao Di. The giant old man completely attracted the attention of the girl in yellow. She had no idea that these remaining immortals had even invited a powerful helper. The old man, at the risk of his own life, used a "bitter plan" to reduce her awareness of prevention. Zhao to seize the opportunity in the "hidden fairy dust" under the cover, quietly close to the huge spider changed by the girl. This hidden fairy dust is made by Zhao Di with the scale powder on the body of the Snow Shadow Holy Butterfly and other auxiliary treasures. This refining method is also from the guidance of the Dream Fairy, which is quite a good means of immortals. Zhao in the spirit world, although collected a lot of snow shadow holy butterfly wings scale powder, but suffer from not enough fairy gas to refine, now come to the fairy world, naturally can refine it out. And with this hidden fairy dust, it is difficult for ordinary monks to see through the cover of this treasure, but this treasure is a disposable consumable, with a little less. Zhao could not bring the Snow Shadow Holy Butterfly into the fairy world, and all the hidden fairy dust in his hands was only enough for him to use it seven or eight times. With the cover of the hidden fairy dust and the giant old man completely attracting the attention of the young girl, Zhao Di had considerable confidence in this sneak attack. However, what surprised him was that he had already exerted his boundless divine power and pierced the other side's body through the Sun-destroying Gun, but that boundless divine power only caused a big hole in the other side's body, but did not completely destroy the other's body. Immortal means is really not bad, even a puppet used for mining, unexpectedly also has such a strong defense ability,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, such a strong hard body! Zhao's heart is full of Rin. Court death The girl's face on the spider's abdomen was suddenly distorted by extreme anger, and her voice was more harsh and sharp, which made people shudder. forustone.com