The daughter of the reborn general is not easy to mess with.

When Muying Nuoer returned to the house, Yang was directing three or four little maids to decorate the house for her, and when he saw Muying Nuoer coming back, he hurriedly ran over with a flattering smile. Young lady, are you back? Where is the son-in-law? Did he go back? "What are you doing?" Muying Nuoer looked at the room which was decorated by Yang, and she asked discontentedly in her heart. "Young lady, you just want to change the environment now. Red is more festive. Don't you like it, young lady?" Mu Ying Nuoer wants to say very much, she does not like, does not like very much! But when she saw the busy little girls, she didn't say anything. Forget it. She was just tossed about by Yin Zichu, and she was in a very bad mood now. (PS Nuoer: Yin Zichu, he is a beast, beast, beast..) "I'm tired. You all go down." She turned and walked towards the bed. Yang looked puzzled, then turned to the people next to him, a high profile command: "You all go down, something I will call you." "Yes, Sister Yang!" Yang son looked at her obedient to these people, the heart is a little complacent, did not expect her Yang son to serve others all his life, now can also command others,pietra gray marble, think of here, Yang son in the heart especially have to thank her son-in-law, Yin Zichu! She ran to Muying Nuoer and put down the red curtain for her. "What's wrong with you, young lady?" She asked tentatively? It was fine just now. Is it because the son-in-law went back? Young lady, you are a little reluctant to give up? Oh, young lady, don't you still have me here? I'll make you happy every day.. Young lady? Young lady, are you asleep? Yang son looked at the closed eyes, a quiet sleep look of wood cherry Nuoer,Granite Slab Supplier, she blinked, so soon fell asleep? Then she smiled, she had heard the jade mother said before, this happy woman, ah, generally can eat and sleep, but also ~ moody, but now her big young lady but all show, she put Luo account, a happy face walked out of the house. Muying Nuoer listened to the sound of the door being closed. She opened her eyes slightly, wrinkled her beautiful willow eyebrows, and a sigh overflowed her mouth. ······ Muying Nuoer sat on the petal boat, tilting her head, staring at the strange coral at the bottom of the water in a daze, sighing from time to time. Now he also lived in this water moon island for a few months, Grey Marble Slab ,Agate Stone Price, his stomach is gradually bulging up, the body is also some deformation, Yin Zichu recently also rarely come over, must also be busy practicing his Sha Luo Gong, the old lady also from time to time ordered people to send supplements, but he did not come to see her once, such a day makes the wood cherry Nuoer more and more uneasy. Do you really want to wait for your child to be born and let her live the life that Yin Zichu said at the beginning? She frowned more and more as she looked at herself reflected in the water. The slanting light gradually faded down, and suddenly the strange coral at the bottom of the water changed slightly. Muying Nuoer's eyes lit up and she leaned over to look at the coral. She turned around and picked up the oar next to her and stretched it out to the coral. The oar sank and seemed to touch something hard. There was a crisp sound. Muying Nuoer looked carefully. The corners of her mouth rose slightly. So that's it! "Cuizhu, are we really going to do this?" "But if we don't do that, we'll be punished, and maybe even our lives will be in danger." "But the young lady is so kind to us that I can't bear it." "Well, that being said, we have no choice!" "Oh, let's go." From the distant flowers came the voice of the two women, and Muying Nuoer listened carefully to their voices, her eyes flashed and her hands tightened slightly. Young lady, you are here, I have been looking for you for a long time! Yang said in a hurried voice, coming towards her. She stood up, adjusted her clothes, and asked slowly, "It seems that someone has come to Shuiyue Island." Yang smiled and said, "The young lady is very clever. The old lady and Miss Feng Luan are here." Is the old lady here? Muying Nuoer shook slightly, and her back stiffened a little. The old lady had never come to see her since she lived on Shuiyue Island. It was strange tonight! This Feng Luan comes, she perhaps can understand, but this old lady can.. "Come on, we have to greet the old lady!" Yang son looked at her young lady's back, just this expression, this posture, really made her.. When Muying Nuoer returned to the house, she saw the old lady sitting in the house waiting for her, with Xueying and Feng Luan standing beside her. She walked skillfully into the room and leaned over to the old lady and said, "Nuoer, pay your respects to your mother." The old lady looked at her and said, "Where have you been?"? It was almost dark when you came back. Now you are pregnant and have the bones and blood of our Yin family in your stomach. Don't you know that? "Mother's lesson is that Nuoer is just bored, wandering around the water island, did not expect that the day will be dark unconsciously, but the mother waited for such a long time, Nuoer knew wrong." The old lady looked at such a docile Muying Nuoer, but she did not continue to scold her, she looked at Muying Nuoer's slightly bulging lower abdomen, her face slowed down, and waved to her. "Come here and let me see my grandson." Muying Nuoer walked lightly towards the old lady and stood in front of her. The old lady reached out and stroked her slightly bulging abdomen. She looked up at Muying Nuoer and asked. "Is there any discomfort now?" "If I go back to my mother, everything will be all right. My mother is worried." "Since you have the bones and blood of our Yin family in your stomach, it's natural for me to worry about it. Sit down." Then the old lady turned to Xueying behind her and said, "Take out what I brought and give it to the young lady." "Yes, old lady!" Xueying took out a wooden basket from behind and handed it to Muying Nuoer, saying, "This is specially prepared by the old lady for you, young lady." Muying Nuoer opened the wooden basket,Silver Travertine Slabs, a white fluffy little guy stretched out his head, 'meow' a cry out, unexpectedly is a lovely kitten.