The Home Heart Queen of Online Games

"Good." I nodded. Then, I told him everything, even the shadowless girl, that is, what Ji Hongyan told me, how happy and happy a little person had experienced that terrible night, and then how to face her later life. I don't know if what I said was sensational, but after I finished, I saw his tears and the sound of sobbing outside the door. I turned around and saw that it was the nurse who had been taking care of me just now. She was still wearing a mask. Before I fainted, I was in the game, and I met the girl from many years ago, and she reminded me of all this. I think maybe it's because the scar is so deep that it hurts so much when it's dug out again. But I really want to thank her. If she hadn't dug it up this time, I might never have remembered it, and I would never have been cured. It's just a pity. At this point, I suddenly remembered the hand holding me, I once, in addition to that painful feeling, I have been most concerned about the hand holding me, this time, no one holding my hand, no one around me. What's a pity? Seeing me suddenly stop, he asked curiously. Unfortunately, this time she miscalculated, she not only failed to frighten me, in the future, I will not let her frighten again. I touched my hand, holding the palm of my hand from time to time, thinking of Gao Tian in my heart, but saying completely irrelevant words in my mouth. However, what I said is also true, this time, I really should thank her, although her starting point is so vicious. However, she turned out the horrible memory hidden in my soul, which was cruel, but gave me a chance to cure it completely. So I don't have to worry anymore. Because there was no illness or injury, he woke up. After regaining my strength, I was discharged from the hospital. Although my father was still very worried, he let me leave the hospital under the double diagnosis of the doctor and the psychologist. However, after returning home, my father has issued an order forbidding me to play online games again, no matter how I explain that I have not hindered him. What's more, he confiscated my helmet. Mom I have no choice but to find my mother to find a way. Be careful. You can't blame your dad. He's worried about you. I know, but I'm all right. It's better than ever. Even the shrink said I was okay. I have a pitiful look. It's not that I'm not sensible. It's just that I'm no longer alone in the game. I still have a whole hell waiting for me. Well, the world goes on without me. But. I don't want to give up such an opportunity in my heart. Mom. Mom, help me! I can't help it. It's the first time in my life. Unexpectedly used the means of acting like a spoiled child. Well, in the end, I blushed with embarrassment, but I succeeded in touching my mother, who touched my head with tears of relief in her eyes and said "good" with sobs. Then she looked for her father, smart whiteboard price , and ten minutes later, I got the helmet as I wished. Of course, it is impossible for me to play in the dark like before. Now, I am forced to work only eight hours a day. Well, I'm not happy about it, but it's better than nothing. When I entered the game again, I was still a little nervous, because I was afraid to see the shadowless girl again, or even more worried about what happened after that day. I knew how abnormal the shadowless girl was. She couldn't just let me go. Besides, I remembered that there were more than 20 big men outside at that time. With her track record, there's really no way to have any good associations. Whew. Looking at the empty room, I breathed a sigh of relief, and there was nothing wrong with checking my body. Although I don't know if I can see that I haven't been online for such a long time, and I don't know how I got off the line at that time, and whether there will be data loss, I am greatly relieved to see that everything is normal. Elder sister The first time on the line, eleven then pushed the door and entered. Naturally followed by Pengpeng. Are you awake? "Huh?" Am I in a coma in the game? "Stupid woman." Pengpeng is still cool. However, there is care in my eyes, which touches me a little. "What the hell happened?" I asked eleven, as for Pengpeng, wait for him to speak? Let's go around me. We were supposed to rest in this hotel, but Pengpeng's brother said that his sister was in danger, so we came here. Then I saw a lot of people trying to bully my sister. Brother Pengpeng was so angry that he killed them all. Although eleven said Pengpeng is very angry, but, I think she must also be very angry, because, only now say these words, she has been angry little face red. I chuckle, so, "eleven good, sister is not good now?" I comfort eleven softly. At the same time, I am glad that the war pet has telepathy with its master. So, at the last moment, let eleven and pengpeng two people arrived, also fortunately they are not the general war pet, if it is the general war pet, at that time, I am afraid will obediently back to the pet column, but who let them both have high wisdom, and, back to the pet column depends on their wishes. Anyway, I really want to thank them. MUA。” I kissed eleven's little face in a big way, which made her laugh. "Thank you, eleven.". You saved your sister. As for Pengpeng, I didn't dare. I could only rub his hair and say thank you. Even so, I was looked down upon by him several times. However, I succeeded in seeing him blush. After playing with eleven and Pengpeng for a while, I remembered that I had something important to do. But to think that I stood them up these days, well, they ignored me and didn't invite me, but I was still worried. With eleven and Peng Peng two people carefully to the temple of darkness. Advertise for a friend. Spring breeze who can cross the bridge, life is misty, death is misty, making money is the most important! When Qingzhi crossed the bridge, she stepped on her skirt and broke the jade bucket containing Meng Po Tang. It was a very expensive jade bucket, so Qingzhi was detained by the underworld to work to pay off debts.