The obligation to recommend [fantasy] elders

Malone and Emin on the ability of the initial value is high, do not look at the F class here for a while a ruler, it seems that the ruler is very frequent, in fact, in the outside place, can reach the level of the dominator even if the extreme, but the legend of the two of them has not yet begun, because the shape was cut at the waist, trumpet-shaped, or a seemingly useless trumpet. There are many powerful special shapes, but more of them are useless, mainly because they can't find a way to use them, that is, they were assigned to Class F to meet Mr. Delin, leaving them enough time to try slowly, plus a little inspiration and luck. More importantly, relying on their high level, they finally developed their own abilities, but the more special the ability to use the greater restrictions, their ability is in the form of words from the Emin side into Malone, I do not know if it is because of this, they have such a special ability,temperature screening kiosk, but at least because of this. It takes a long time for their abilities to unfold, which is what Malone calls "reading time". It's really fatal when you're fighting against people. It's not a long time for them to start their ability just now. Fang's ability seems funny but actually starts very fast, and her ability is actually quite good. If Emin's speed is a little slower, they will lose. However, Emin wins. Emin and Malone must work very hard to shorten the reading time to such a short time. Probably all the words in Gong Wu's mind were conveyed through his eyes. Malone waved his hand: "I didn't do anything. I just turned into a trumpet and was shouted by Emin. It's Emin. Don't you find that he is more reluctant to speak now?"? This is talking too much in practice. People & Emin:.. For this group, the small partners all believe that if Emin is the instrument and Malone is the user, the two sides may be more desirable. A fair and aboveboard one doesn't need to speak, and a fair and aboveboard one is full of nonsense. However,temperature check kiosk, the ice system we collected this time is very powerful. Malone then said, "Ge's sisters can really fight, and my mother is even more terrible." Gong Si and others understand in seconds. In Qizhou, in order to thank them for "escorting" Ge home, and also to give them a meeting gift, Qi's mother said that she would give them a gift for each group instead of Palasauti, Qi and Qizhou people. Within the scope of Qi's family, they could choose at will. Among them, Emin and Malone were chosen on the spot. Their fingers pointed straight ahead to Qi's mother and daughter. People like Qi's mother, who had seen the world, were startled. Finally, they knew that they meant to fight with each of them. Emin and Malone's ability is to encounter enemy attacks to collect other people's abilities, and it's definitely an opportunity for both of them to compete with such high-level abilities as Qi Mu and others. Nilu and Xingyi wanted an ancient book collected by the Qi family, and they later received a gift from the underground people. Coincidentally, the two books happened to be the first and second volumes. It was an ancient book about how to use the ability to cure people. It was very old, touch screen digital signage ,outdoor digital signage displays, and it was totally different from the books about the ability to cure people circulating in the world today. From the beginning of Qizhou, Xingyi had been looking through that ancient book, and it seemed that he was very fond of this gift. As for the stream and the palace shop, they did not choose any gift. We've got gifts from Parasauti and Qi. That's how the stream refused, and with that, he took out the storage gun. Ge's sisters thought he was just being polite, but Qi's mother seemed to understand something. Yes, it was indeed a gift from Parasauti and Qi, and the firearm was indeed the one they had received in the bar mitzvah, but the fire inside was not the same as before. The original flame had been extinguished as early as the collapse of the cave, but when they came back and opened the fire again, they found that the flame inside had appeared again, unusually hot, linked to the flame they had got from their uncle before, and the two men immediately knew that the fire was unusual, and the palace tried to put the flame close to the flame that their uncle had given him. The two flames merge into one in an instant! Become stronger. Now, the cluster of flames is in the whistle on the chest of the palace shop. Have you said enough? An annoying voice came from the ring, the palace shop and others turned to look, only to find that the opposite nebula did not know when to stand in the past, his instrument stood beside him. Then came a sparse burst of cheers from the outfield, probably to cheer for Nebula and East Palace College. Fang, who had just finished her match with Emin Malone, walked over a few steps and stood a little distance away from them. Suddenly she said to the star meteorite, "Can you beat him?"? Although we are a college, but this guy is a nuisance, after the contract, always want to defeat the monitor to do their own monitor, in the school to engage in small gang doctrine, very annoying ah! Pei Yunji looked coldly in her direction and curled her lips. Fang then went back, saying, "Well, don't wash your dirty linen in public. I know, but I didn't wash it in public either. They have the same surname, don't they?"? Is it right to let the elder brother clean up the younger brother? Staring at Fang's back, Malone shook his head: "It's really awesome. My own people hate him so much. Although I hate the people in S class, when they communicate with East Palace College, I still hope they win." Class S of Ji Ling College: Hey, we're standing right next to you … Turning to look at Treto and them, Malone immediately said, "I don't hate you so much now. Come on, I'll cheer you up with you!" Said to do, then, Malone raised his voice, loudly for Ji Ling College cheer up, with such a loud voice to join the new force, Ji Ling College side immediately strong a lot. It was in the loud cheers of the small partners of Ji Ling Academy that the star jumped into the ring. He was born really well, although he jumped on it like everyone else, but he always gave people the feeling that he was very elegant, his black hair was tied behind his head with a hair rope,interactive whiteboard prices, and he just stood there, just like the scenery. Just like a straight growing tree, the star stands there. Nebula stood opposite him.