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At this time, the mutation protrudes, only to see thirty dazzling white light, suddenly fell from the sky. He accurately hit the thirty angels who were casting spells. Each of these rays is several meters thick. It is the concentrated essence of thunder spells. Its power is no worse than the forbidden spell of level 14 or level 15. It directly hits the unprotected angel general, and the result is obvious. The thirty seraphim did not even have time to scream, they were directly vaporized by the light, including their souls, there is no residue left. The out-of-control energy ball exploded almost at the same time, blowing up all the angels within a few hundred meters of it. The closer angels were torn to pieces by the tremendous power of the explosion, and the distant ones were stunned by the huge shock wave of the explosion, and they felt like the end of the world. However, this is only the beginning, because just after the explosion, a greater disaster befell them. I saw countless thick lightning, like a silver snake, suddenly flew down from the sky, plunged into the group of angels, and then kept running around, where they passed,Artificial Marble Slabs, whether four-winged angels or two-winged angels, all turned into ashes. There were so many lightning bolts that they lit up the whole sky. They are usually a few meters thick and hundreds of meters long, and gradually decrease in size as the number of electrocuted birds increases. They raged in the sky for a whole minute, until they could no longer find a bird man, they were unwilling to disappear in the air, and at this time, the bird man's three hundred thousand troops and thirty angels have completely become the dust of history. However,Marble Granite Price, at this time, neither the human beings in the city of Shanghai nor the bird people in the sky would care about the disappeared troops. All of them focused all their attention on the huge and magnificent city that suddenly appeared in the sky, the Sky City Stonia. This huge city with a radius of ten miles is now slowly floating at a height of 1500 meters above the ground. The laser light and the lightning that killed the angel just now are its masterpieces, which are the terrible spells from the protruding crystals at the bottom of the city. The reason why this attack was able to kill so many angels in one fell swoop, in addition to the fact that they were casting spells at that time, and their body defense was the lowest, another reason was that Prince Tajik, who controlled the city to cast spells, was a terrorist presence at the level of an eight-winged angel. In addition, there are now 50,000 elf mages in the city, and I specially asked my grandmother for a secondment for this battle. That's why it has produced such brilliant results. After a long time, the city of Shanghai first burst into the cheers of victory, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, the feeling of escape from death, so that they were ecstatic. Seeing such a powerful war machine, they are full of confidence in the future of their victory. On the contrary, the eight-winged angel bit was so angry that he almost vomited blood. The loss of three hundred thousand ordinary angel warriors was good, but the loss of the thirty angel warriors was really too big. Every guy who grows up to be an angel is a genius in some way, and he has to go through at least tens of thousands of years of constant training before he can become one. The first one is particularly precious. There are only more than 130 bit hands in total, and a quarter of them will be removed at once, and it will be forever. It will take him at least two or three thousand years to replenish it. How can such a heavy loss not make him crazy? The angry eight-winged angel bit directly urged the mount to rise all the way until it was at the same level as the Sky City. He dared not get too close easily for fear of being attacked. So when he was several kilometers away from the edge of the city, he stopped and asked angrily, "Who is commanding inside? Get out!" (End of novel chapter content-> small. Say .t.xt. God . Don Verse 652 For whom does the gun fire? Today, I am wearing a Confucian costume with the Eight Treasures of the Sun, the Moon, the Heavenly Stems, and the Heavenly Stems. I am holding a fan in my hand. I am dressed as a childe. Both of them are found in the Golden Lotus of Buddha. Each has its own wonderful use. They are relatively strong magic weapons around me. Today is a big battle, so it's natural to show it off. Piao Piao came to the edge of the city of the sky and stood still. He smiled and said to Bit in front of him, "The bird man opposite, what's the matter with General Ben?" "You want to die!" The eight-winged angel bit, as an archangel, is in charge of millions of troops. Wherever he goes, everyone is in awe. Today, he has been denounced as a bird man in public one after another. In addition, his stomach is already full of anger. At this time, he can no longer bear it. After an angry scolding, he stretched out his hand and shot out a holy flame spear to stab me in the chest. The spell of the eight-winged angel with anger is naturally no small matter. Don't look at it. The holy flame light spear is only three meters long and the bowl mouth is thick and thin, but the light energy contained in it is extremely powerful. The holy flame on the spear is running around, and its power is amazing. It is at least a spell of more than 14 levels. However, to the present poor way, but still not enough to see, I just gently a fan, the holy flame light spear immediately turned the spearhead, straight to the sky, disappeared in a flash. Quack, the "fan of mountains and rivers" in the hands of the poor way, claims to be able to move mountains and fill the sea, whether it is the enemy's magic, magic weapon or flying sword, all can be fanned to change direction, but the most abnormal. Moreover, although it seems to be a defensive magic weapon on the surface, in fact. It is also sharp when used in attack, because it can also fan the enemy's defensive spells or magic weapons. Even when crossing the robbery, it can directly fan the sky robbery,grey marble slab, quack, it is too abnormal pull. It is said that this thing was created by Nu Wa and later drifted into the world. Causing countless people to fight for it, and finally disappeared without a trace. I dug it out of their treasure house when I attacked the Amaterasu Shrine. It was stolen by these two bastards. No wonder we can't find it. forustone.com